The Fastest Documentation in CGM APRIMA EHR

By Erik Sunset, March 22, 2023 - 3 min read


Do your CGM APRIMA EHR documentation quickly with your iPhone or iPad.

CGM APRIMA EHR users spend less time doing notes with DocBuddy’s iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile app.

Providers today are experiencing the highest levels of burnout ever measured. It’s a small consolation, though, that while feelings of burnout are at their peak, they at least are not getting worse. (Get more detail around these stats by listening to this episode of The DocBuddy Journal podcast.)

Per the KLAS Arch Collaborative, the top 3 drivers of burnout are too much time spent on bureaucratic tasks, after-hours workload, and EHR tools hurting their efficiency. One of the ways providers can take matters into their own hands and alleviate their own symptoms of burnout is by adopting mobile workflow solutions, like DocBuddy, that allow them to rapidly complete their documentation without needing to be in front of their computer.

In fact, our CGM Aprima EHR integrated mobile app saves providers at least 3 minutes of documentation time per patient encounter. Extended out to the full day list of a busy provider DocBuddy can save 90+ minutes per day of pure documentation time!

Mobility without Jumping Through RDP Hoops

DocBuddy supports iPhones, iPads, and Android devices whether they are a phone or a tablet. Most importantly, you are not “remoting in” to your CGM APRIMA EHR instance with a funky window size and shrunken down user interface. Instead, DocBuddy is connected to your CGM APRIMA instance via API.

CGM Aprima Mobile App Features

This means that wherever you have a wireless connection or a wifi signal you can access your schedule, search for patient information, document your visits, and even securely capture images of on-call face sheets or injuries.

Way More Than Just Speech Recognition

Legacy speech recognition software leaves much to be desired. You’re either tethered to your computer with a USB cable OR forced to add complexity and layers to your ‘solution’ by connecting with the previously mentioned remote desktop protocol.

In either case, what was meant to simplify the completion of your charts either keeps you at your desk or doesn’t work as you’d hoped.

DocBuddy is way more than speech recognition and gives providers the speed, mobility, and interoperability they need to beat burnout and get MORE TIME FOR LIFE!

Learn More About DocBuddy’s CGM Aprima EHR Integrated Mobile App

Start by visiting our CGM APRIMA mobile app product page or hit our contact page to get in touch.

From there we can arrange a demo and even a no strings attached 15 day trial for free!

We know that seeing is believing and once you’ve tried DocBuddy there will be no way to live without it.