DocBuddy’s centralized, cloud-based platform allows providers to untether from their desktop EMR and focus on their patients. It creates a streamlined workflow which helps providers dedicate more time to patient care, increase productivity, and maximize data accuracy. By integrating DocBuddy with your clinic’s EMR, managing patient encounters becomes seamless.

Reclaim Your Time for Patient Care

Traditional clinic EMRs don’t provide the flexibility or versatility required to efficiently navigate patient care in an outpatient environment. Providers are spending too much time managing administrative tasks and not enough time treating their patients. DocBuddy’s mobile, centralized workflow solution supports a more dynamic and versatile healthcare, all while saving providers time.

Providers can use DocBuddy as their standard workflow solution, with the ability to toggle between different organizations, EMRs, clinics, hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers.

Clinic Benefits

Access your schedule.

Search for patient information.

Document clinic, surgery, and on-call encounters.

Create and manage voice commands.

Capture pictures of on-call face-sheets and injuries.

Toggle between different organizations and EMRs.

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