Streamline the entire surgery process for clinics and ASCs with a complete, centralized solution.

Who's using Surgery Workflow?

Surgery Workflow is designed for Clinics and Surgery centers that suffer from workflow bottlenecks that make scheduling, processing, and planning surgeries painful.

Surgery Workflow Outcomes

Surgery Workflow centralizes processes and workflows that would otherwise be managed individually. Surgery Workflow lets surgery teams and providers work from a cloud-based system that streamlines scheduling, document management, op report generation, coding and reporting for providers and surgery staff which saves time and streamlines the revenue cycle.


Surgery Workflow empowers Clinics and surgery center teams with a fully digitized system that streamlines the surgery process with customized workflow management.

Centralized Scheduling.

Surgeries can be scheduled, updated and accessible in one location. The DocBuddy portal and mobile app give the clinic, surgery center, and providers centralized access.

Shared Document Management

Upload and share your documents with the surgery team to avoid the cumbersome paper process and loss of documents in the surgery supply chain.

Streamlined Workflow Management

Manage each step of the surgery process to ensure procedures are performed on schedule. Streamline your workflow from the clinic to surgery center with real-time data access, reporting and dashboards.

Op Report Generation.

Eliminate lengthy transcription turnaround time and approval processes. DocBuddy empowers providers to instantly dictate, review and signoff their op reports as soon as they leave the operating room.

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