We’re DocBuddy, a medical provider’s anywhere aid in care. Our mission is to create more time for life and wellness in the healthcare industry, both for patients and providers.

Time for life

DocBuddy was founded in Denver, Colorado as a response to a growing problem in healthcare: too much time spent on administrative tasks, and not enough time spent on wellness for both the patient and the provider. At that time, providers were spending about one third of their time on paperwork, and within two years the problem had actually worsened, with many healthcare providers spending up to two thirds of their time on non-medical tasks. At that point it became the DocBuddy team’s mission and focus to solve this provider productivity problem and to reignite the engine of healthcare instead of accepting the reality of physician and staff burn out.

Starting with a hand surgery practice with 10 providers, DocBuddy set the practice up with an early version of the DocBuddy platform, giving them flexible and mobile access to their EMR. Within the first two weeks, DocBuddy was saving providers in this practice 90 minutes a day. The results were so dramatic and immediate that the practice quickly standardized the use of DocBuddy for all of their providers in their clinic and surgery center.

Since then,

DocBuddy has grown to serve surgery centers, clinics, and hospitals, providing a simplified and centralized workflow solution that’s improving patient care and giving providers more time for life.