Aprima EHR Mobile App

Learn more about DocBuddy’s time-saving, powerful, and Aprima EHR integrated mobile solution.

An Aprima EHR Mobile App That Saves Providers Time

DocBuddy is an Aprima EHR integrated Mobile App that saves providers up to 45 minutes per day!

Whether you’re on the go, in clinic, or in the hospital, DocBuddy enables access to your Aprima EHR data and gives you tools for rapid documentation anywhere.

Aprima EHR Integrated Mobile App

DocBuddy provides powerful dictation features like free dictation and voice commands that increases documentation speed and helps you close notes faster. This efficiency also enhances the speed of Aprima practices revenue cycles. Completing encounter notes more quickly enables billing staff to confidently and correctly submit claims more quickly!

The integration between DocBuddy and Aprima EHR is seamless. Data is automatically synced and populated directly into the corresponding Aprima EHR fields so you can move through your day quickly.

Aprima Mobile App Features

DocBuddy extends the functionality of the Aprima EHR by centralizing a provider’s workflow into a fast, easy-to-use mobile app.

Access your schedule

Search for patient information

Document your clinic, surgery, on-call, and telehealth visits

Capture pictures of on-call face-sheets and injuries

Message DocBuddy team members

Streamline your workflow and practice medicine away from your computer

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