By bringing together critical EMR features, improving documentation techniques, and creating reliable, secure, and mobile access to patient records, DocBuddy streamlines the patient care experience in clinics, hospitals and surgery centers.


DocBuddy enables healthcare providers mobile, cloud-based access to all relevant patient data, whether on the go, doing rounds, performing surgery, or in clinic. This mobile access removes the need to find a specific workspace to complete your administrative tasks for patient care, creating a workflow that is untethered from offices and desktops.


DocBuddy eliminates the need for multiple workflow solutions, especially for providers that utilize multiple EMR platforms or practice medicine in various care sites- clinics, surgery centers, and hospitals. DocBuddy has the unique capability to communicate with and switch between many EMR environments while keeping the workflow streamlined for standardized care.

Centralized Data Access

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, as well as desktop browsers, DocBuddy provides a unique blend of access and efficiency for your workflow on whatever platform works best for you.

Voice Documentation

DocBuddy’s cloud-based mobile solution allows for seamless documentation of patient encounters, either through provider input or through our consistent and accurate voice documentation tool. Beyond simply recording your notes, you can easily create templated voice commands within DocBuddy to increase efficiency and simplify the documentation process.