Remove pain and cost from your clinical and administrative processes with the ability to access, create, and move data all from the point of care.


DocBuddy's entire portfolio of solutions provides the power to access, create, and move data wherever you're delivering care.

Whether you're in clinic, on call, performing surgery, or wherever your day takes you, DocBuddy's iOS and Android mobile solutions ensure you have the information you need and the capability to generate


DocBuddy eliminates the administrative burden of retrieving and manually moving data where it needs to go.

Our integrations and interoperability features help providers and their care teams review charts from prior encounters, share patient information within their ecosystem, route completed charts to billing, and more!

Centralized Data Access

The interoperability features in DocBuddy’s suite of solutions means data from your practice management system, electronic health record, or other clinical systems is available wherever you are.

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, as well as desktop browsers, DocBuddy provides a unique blend of access and efficiency for your workflow on whatever platform works best for you.