A complete mobile cloud-based solution, DocBuddy can be used anytime and anywhere - all you need is a mobile device and internet access. Directly from their mobile device or desktop, providers and surgery staff can access critical information about their patients, make time-sensitive medical decisions, and manage administrative tasks from wherever they are.

An All-In-One Solution

Even as medical advancements improve procedures and patient outcomes, the tools used for managing surgeries in clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals have failed to keep up.

With DocBuddy, you can digitize clinic and surgery center workflows to alleviate the slow, cumbersome paper process, delivering better outcomes for patients and providers alike.

Surgery Center Benefits

Schedule appointments.

Upload & access critical documents.

Centralize & secure your data.

Collaborate easily with your surgery team.

Document operative reports.

Data reporting & metrics.

Streamline your surgery operations with ease and efficiency.

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