Op Note delivers the instant generation and approval of operative reports with images from the point of care.


DocBuddy Op Note gives surgeons and other providers the ability to generate and approve operative reports with images from the point of care directly from their iOS or Android phone or tablet.

By using DocBuddy’s proprietary Voice Commands, surgeons can populate their op note with case-specific language and, with the power of their voice, input all case-specific variables.

Surgeons aren't locked into a template. The use of our Free Dictation feature allows the surgeon to provide whatever details they'd like to provide a rich narrative for their op note.

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The faster operative reports are completed and approved, the faster the claim can be submitted to payers.

With Op Note, completed and approved operative reports are automatically routed to your billing team or revenue cycle management partner. This level of speed and efficiency means claims can be submitted on the same day the procedure was performed.


DocBuddy Op Note's reporting functionality grants powerful, real-time insights into your operative report process.

Track and trend surgeon productivity, measure how long it takes for op notes to be finalized over periods of time, and identify areas for improvement with Op Note addendum reporting.

What Users Say About Op Note

Sami Spencer

CEO of Missoula Bone & Joint

“We are so impressed with Op Note and DocBuddy's training, support, and quality. The interface with HST Pathways makes this a super-efficient solution for us."



Op Note eliminates the chase for signatures and delays in operative report completion by giving surgeons their preferred workflow in real-time dictation, while empowering the streamlined, digital outcome that ambulatory surgery centers and clinics need to thrive.

DocBuddy users who transitioned to Op Note from transcription services report that the same day completion and sign off their operative reports with Op Note vs the transcription average of 15 days is a game changer!

Op Note is over 2700% faster than transcription on average!


DocBuddy Op Note is integrated with the leading ambulatory surgery center PM and EHR softwares. All of the patient, procedure, and provider information you need automatically flows from your ASC software into DocBuddy.

Completed operative reports then flow automatically to your facility’s billing team or RCM partner, to your ASC software, and even to the surgeon’s clinic.


Maximize provider time by dictating and signing op reports from their Apple or Android Device.

Real-Time Op Report Dictation & Sign Off

Eliminate wait time for transcription turnaround and approval processes. DocBuddy Op Note enables providers to instantly dictate, review and signoff on their op reports as soon as they leave the operating room.

Common Surgery Templates

Providers can dictate op reports and leverage templates for commonly performed surgeries. Op Note provides a robust list of templates out of the box, templates can be created from scratch, and templates can be imported from other dictation software and services.

Rapid Addendums

DocBuddy Op Note gives facilities an instant addendum process which surgeons are in 100% control of. No waiting, no turn around time for addendums.

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