Streamline the dictation, creation, and approval of op reports in real-time.

Who's using Op Note?

Op Note is designed for providers and surgery teams who need to reduce the amount of time they spend on transcription, clinical documentation approval processes, and the processing of operative reports. Delays at any stage of the op report process results in wasted time that negatively impacts provider satisfaction and reimbursement timelines.

Op Note Outcomes

Op Note empowers surgeons and supporting providers to dictate and sign off on their completed operative reports immediately after surgery. By eliminating lag in this process, surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics can maximize the scale and speed of revenue. Op Note enables accurate, real-time operative reports that eliminates TIME wasted chasing, editing, and approving op reports.


Maximize provider time by dictating and signing op reports from their Apple or Android Device.

Real-Time Op Report Dictation & Sign Off

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