Streamline patient data flow and improve staff and patient experience.

Meaningful Interoperability

Instantly share data between your facilities and systems, to maximize provider and care team efficiency.

Connecting your facilities different EHR/PM softwares with Integration Hub enables the real-time sharing of patient information within your healthcare ecosystem.

Minimize Staff and Admin Efforts

Eliminate the clutter of duplicative paper forms and their entry into your PM/EHR with the push and pull of patient information.

Integration Hub allows you to import and update the data you need in your clinical system with the literal click of a button.

Streamlined Patient Experience

Ask for patient data at intake once and seamlessly share across your healthcare ecosystem.

Eliminate the process of asking your patients to fill out the same forms multiple times as they flow through your care sites.

Leverage DocBuddy Integration Expertise

Take advantage of our extensive knowledge in HL7, FHIR, and API integrations to effortlessly connect your systems.

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