DocBuddy’s centralized, cloud-based platform gives providers freedom and mobility in a hospital environment. Providers can now document surgery, progress, and on-call notes right from their mobile device to be synced with the EMR in real-time. By integrating DocBuddy with your hospital EMR, patient encounters become seamless, and your providers will obtain the speed and versatility they’ve always wanted.

Reclaim Your Time for Patient Care

Hospital EMRs aren’t conducive for provider workflows and the demands required of them in the inpatient setting. Providers are spending too much time sitting at a hospital computer when patient demands are mounting. DocBuddy’s mobile, centralized workflow solution supports a more dynamic and versatile healthcare, all while saving providers time.

Providers can use DocBuddy as their standard workflow solution, with the ability to toggle between different organizations, EMRs, clinics, hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers.

Hospital Benefits

Access your schedule.

Search for patient information.

Document surgery notes and send to EMR in real time.

Document progress, rounding, and on-call visits.

Create and manage voice commands.

Capture pictures of face-sheets and injuries.

Toggle between different organizations and EMRs.

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