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DocBuddy Partners with Allscripts to Deliver Mobile Innovation and More

By DocBuddy News, November 6, 2020 - 3 min read


Denver, CO, 11/6/2020 - DocBuddy is pleased to announce that Allscripts has certified the DocBuddy mobile solution as part of the Allscripts Developer Program. DocBuddy is an innovative offering that allows Allscripts Professional EHR™ users access to their EHR data from anywhere, centralizing their workflow into one easy to use iOS or Android app.

The DocBuddy mobile app addresses the number one problem faced by providers today: excessive time spent on administrative tasks - accessing data and documenting patient encounters. Providers, both physicians and mid-levels, are thrilled to reclaim control of their time with DocBuddy.

“After using DocBuddy, I can’t imagine practicing medicine without it. I can access my schedule, retrieve clinical data, and document any type of patient visit, all from my mobile device” says Dr. Rudy Kovachevich from Orthopedic Centers of Colorado. "Our practice selected Allscripts solutions for their stability in the marketplace and now, with DocBuddy as our Allscripts-integrated mobile solution, our documentation workflow is fast and seamless. DocBuddy has given us back the time we need to enjoy being doctors again.”

Allscripts Professional EHR users who want a powerful mobile solution can create an account with DocBuddy and download the DocBuddy app to an iOS or Android device. Practices and users can be live within minutes of creating an account with DocBuddy. In addition to our easy install, users also appreciate our powerful features that enable streamlined workflows.

DocBuddy-Allscripts Integrated Features:

  • Access to your schedule
  • Search for patient information
  • Document your clinic, surgery, on-call, and telehealth visits
  • Capture pictures of on-call face-sheets and injuries
  • Message DocBuddy team members
  • Enter orders and billing codes that are instantly synced to Allscripts Pro EHR
  • Streamline your workflow and practice medicine untethered from your computer

“Our partnership with Allscripts will empower Professional EHR users with an innovative mobile solution that accesses critical data and documents patient encounters at the point of care.” says Andy D’Agostino, Founder & CEO. “Our mission and purpose is to give providers back their most valued commodity - TIME.”

The Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) offers both proprietary and FHIR® enabled APIs to connect third-party applications, devices and other innovative healthcare technologies with Allscripts products. Allscripts has been supporting API integration since 2007 and is enabling over a billion data exchanges each year – the largest documented utilization of APIs in healthcare.

Find more information about DocBuddy on the Allscripts Application Store. Health IT developers can create a free account at to access the Allscripts Open APIs and start building or connecting new innovations for Allscripts users.

About DocBuddy

DocBuddy was founded in 2014 in Denver, Colorado as a response to a growing problem in healthcare: too much time spent on administrative tasks, inhibiting provider productivity; too little time spent on wellness for both the patient and the provider. At concept, providers were spending about one third of their time on paperwork. Within two years this problem had actually worsened, with many healthcare providers spending up to two thirds of their time on non-medical tasks. At that point it became the DocBuddy team’s mission to solve this provider productivity problem and to reignite the engine of healthcare

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