DocBuddy Announces Op Note Integration with HST Pathways

By Erik Sunset, May 15, 2023 - 2 min read


DENVER - May 15, 2023 - DocBuddy Inc, a leading provider of mobile and interoperable provider workflow solutions, is pleased to announce a new, successful integration with HST Pathways, a leading provider of software solutions for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). This newly available integration connects DocBuddy Op Note with HST Pathways to optimize surgeon and staff workflows at the ambulatory surgery center and back to the surgeon’s clinic.

DocBuddy Op Note streamlines the generation and approval of operative reports, including procedure images, right from the point of care. DocBuddy’s Op Note technology is a significant improvement over legacy and transcription based operative report processes in efficiency, ease of use, and revenue cycle velocity.

The newly established integration allows for the seamless flow of appointments, patients, providers, facilities and rooms from HST Pathways into DocBuddy Op Note.

The CEO and Founder of DocBuddy, Andy D’Agostino shared “We are truly excited about the integration of our Op Note solution to HST Pathways. At any surgery center that leverages HST’s technology, a surgeon can now dictate a surgery note and deliver a signed operative report in minutes with virtually zero administrative effort. The HST-integrated process that Op Note delivers to surgeons and their staff stands in sharp contrast to legacy and transcription service-based workflows which still rely heavily on paper processes. We’re simplifying all aspects of the surgery production line, including the ASC revenue cycle.”

This connection between DocBuddy and HST Pathways represents a significant step forward for providers and staff at ASCs, empowering them with the tools they need to optimize operations, improve physician and staff morale, and reduce the time from procedure performed to reimbursement.

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